Activating VISION Reaching The World

A few Frequent Questions

What is a searchable domain name?

Can you help me build a website that conveys vision and mission?

What is digital evangelism?

How can a website be found on the W3 universe?

Who teaches members how to utilize websites & apps?

Can I claim a Google business page for the ministry?

Digital Design doesn’t have to be complicated. Stan will create a plan developing a story that activates YOUR Vision and message to the world. The plan for each project includes tactics for marketing and building your website from start to finish. If you have asked the questions above, then do not travel through Cyber Space another nanosecond.  I will guide you through the steps of building a website for your Church or non-for-profit ministry.  If you need a sight built or a revamp of current site contact me today!

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Here We GO!

1.D + 2.P + 3.B = A

Formula For Creating Functional Websites

Design Plan + Brand  Activate 

1. D

The interview process begins with customizing your logo for an impact across the W3 and social media platform.  The exploration discovers vision, mission, and philosophy.

2. P

The plan is written collecting content for creating the website, based upon tactics of how digital marketing works. 

3. B

The Brand begins with the Logo.  The color Pallet will work with the logo and theme process.

= A

Launch through positioning your website to the world wide web.

Satisfied Clients

"Wonderful job. My business continues growing daily"
Dennis Bradley
Pay For A Ride
"Stan does great consulting and building websites with a marketing edge."
Scott Crawley
WP Digital Gold
"I have had several colleagues comment on the excellence of the site. Thank you Stan."
Kerrick Kiley
Alpha Omega Counseling Services