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Agence is a creative marketing agency that specializes in strategy, creativity, design and innovative technology.

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Stan Jackowski Designs

In-Depth Production

Get in-depth and carefully crafted web development facilities needed to create an optimized, professional, and high-converting website

Stunning Designs

With seamless coding of any type, stunning designs, and striking colors, we will help you create websites that will instantly catch visitors’ eyes.

Quality Analysis

Receive services and products with the utmost high quality. We will analyze every aspect and not let anything slip through the cracks.

Digital Marketing

We will let you plan and create all possible strategies to creatively market your products and services to the customers and increase leads.

SEO Optimization

We bring you some of the best methods and strategies needed to improve visibility and SEO scores, ensuring you get high traffic.

Ongoing Support

We are here to provide you will 24/7 dedicated support about any possible queries and assistance that you might need creatively.

About Stan

1986, Rev. Stanley F. Jackowski founded Family Ministries, Inc., AKA Stan Jackowski Ministries. This not-for-profit religious organization, in Danville, Illinois, established with the sole purpose of taking the Gospel message to the world through teaching, writing, publishing, and media outreach. Stanley has ministered in a variety of churches; pastoring, evangelizing, and bringing revelation to believers through the teaching ministry. He holds degrees in Applied Science & Theology.

Stanley also instructs ministers and believers how to evangelize through the internet and known for his creative style of mentoring. Stan will install your website and equip you with a drag-and-drop website editor. Stanley will show to you in training sessions online how to set up your website correctly using a proven framework. You will have full control of your content, which means you can work freely work within your Church or Non-For-Profit Organization. I will discuss these details during the 1-Hour ministry/consultation session. Stanley is also available for remote meetings and is accepting limited speaking engagements for 2022.

Questions & Answers

One hour FREE consultation.


This is determined after the FREE Consultation. Each project is created for the client.


The project finish date depends on the depth of the website.  


Stan helps churches & ministries as a seed gift from Truth Family Ministries. Stan does not take on all projects and determined based upon several factors covered during the FREE consultation.



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Stanley Visiting & Ministering In Seattle, Washington 2020