Brainstorm Force, an information and technology company, established in 2009 with a focus on complete digital marketing and design services. Brainstorm launched Astra in 2017. The company has developed a vast range of WordPress products that power over 2 million websites.

Brainstorm Force has many products that work for a full range of Websites, Blogs, E-Commerce Sites, Membership Sites, and much more. These tools help with constructing astounding websites. The company offers a free version of Astra, a WordPress theme, and a pro version with additional rich features that enhance the creating process. Several free starter templates are available, easy to download, and offers pleasant integration with WordPress.

One of many secrets powering Astra is lightweight, fast, and the ability to customize without spending hours of old school coding. The designer can quickly frame a website and concentrate on the work of creating the project. Astra theme powers over 700,000+ websites and has over 3,300+ five-star ratings on Astra offers ease with WooCommerce. There is a flexible set up, flowing integration, and great potential for years to come operating as the industry-leading star.

“In Sanskrit, Hindi, and Marathi, “Astra” means a weapon. In Greek? Astra means a star. Both justify the meaning of what we believe Astra is.” Astra Team

Cutting Edge Combination

WooCommerce with Astra delivers a cutting edge one-two-punch, the right combination for online business. The web designer has full control from conception throughout the life of maintaining a successful project. Once the designer utilizes a variety of tools, there is an appreciation for its toolbox. There are multiple columns for listing products on all devices, content width on an archive page, and organization of numbers for products per page. There is an option to show a sidebar on WooCommerce pages for visibility and add to the shopping cart within the website header. Dedicated layout options in WooCommerce offer selections for creating a blueprint.

Easy Design Steps

There are many features available with the Astra theme and add-on with WooCommerce. Astra free & Pro offers various options that give you full control over the store mapping. In the Pro version, additional features enhancing the final touches needed in creating a new e-commerce store. The display of items and their categories, making it easier for a consumer to locate the right type of goods they’re looking for within the store.

Power In Tools

Using Astra & WooCommerce

The responsiveness of Astra & Woocommerce makes the store appearance look great on all devices. The Astra theme offers options for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to ensure the best experience for all shoppers. The store is easily managed on mobile-responsive devices.

Performance With Speed

Astra has focused and proven remarkable loading times. According to research, when a site takes over 3 seconds to load, most consumers leave even if the site has a beautiful storefront. The key is performance, along with speed, which gives the customer positive shopping experience. They purchase from the site and return as a loyal customer. Therefore, it is essential to use Astra as your go-to theme with a healthy and optimized code. In 2019 Astra 2.0 reduced the loading speed from 3.83 seconds to 694 milliseconds. According to Astra 2019 review, this calculates an improvement of robust 81.87%!

Astra is SEO-friendly with WooCommerce has embedded and structured support with Schema. The platform for the website is understood when Schema attracts search engines, giving customers the results they are surfing to find. Other features and Breadcrumbs function toward the website’s overall health and success.

Super Support

Astra’s dedicated support includes a knowledge base with extensive articles, video tutorials step by step, one-on-one support, and 24/7 dedicated email support. Both annual and lifetime customers have access to one-on-one support, extensive training, and unlimited. Brainstorm Force has an excellent dedicated Face Group Page with over 10,000+ active members. In conclusion, Astra is a free theme with a paid version. Integration with WooCommerce is the receipt for boosting sales. There is also a reasonably priced Agency Package for growing businesses. See the details below for starting today with Astra Theme & WooCommerce.

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  1. It looks like this may be a good solution. I’m considering an e-commerce component with my website, but I wasn’t sure which way to go. I think Astra using Woo Commerce would be a good fit. Thanks, Evangelist Stanley.

    1. Don thanks for taking time out to post your thoughts. If I can be of assistance during your decision, please feel free to contact me.

  2. I’ve been fortunate to know Stan for a long time, God is number one in his life, and it is for this reason that when he sets his mind on a project his expertise Shines and this article is proof of that Great Job Stan and great choice Astra.

    1. Scott thanks for stopping by and reading the article. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  3. Well done to my Pastor, Stan Jackowski. In the short time I’ve known him, as Mr. Crawley stated, he definitely puts God 1st! You followed through on this project, as expected, glad to see your project is finally taking flight through God’s direction and his grace. My wife & I look forward to working with you further to help guide us with your lead as we have already mentioned our interest in your professionalism. God Bless us all as we move forward! Congrats from our family!??

    1. Rod & Jenny thank you for posting your kind and gracious thoughts. Astra & WooCommerce is an awesome combination. I am using Astra Pro on several of our websites and looking into creating the bookstore with WooCommerce. Once again, appreciate your family’s encouragement.

    1. Thanks, Keith. Remember the links within the article are my affiliate links and I will help me when you purchase Astra Products.

  4. Excellent article. Not only informative, but instructive. Thanks Pastor Stan for a job well done. Your article was very informative concerning my decisions going forward with an online presence. Keep it up!

    1. Bishop Gary thanks for the post. I appreciate you reading the Astra article and giving input. I am glad this helped in your decision making.

  5. Absolutely fantastic!

    Beautifully done!

    Stan has not even introduced us to Astra; but walked us through it’s origins – to present day!
    Greatly informative using ‘plain English ‘ so that everyone can easily follow.

    Great job, Stan!

    Matt Shea

    1. Matt thank you for the input. I am grateful you see the lesson in the article and Astra Theme will continue strong with the growth of your website.